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April 23, 2019
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Updated: Apr. 23 (20:00)
Teamsters Local 786
Teamsters Local 142 at the Railcats
Teamsters Local Union No. 142
Red Cross Award
Teamsters Local 776
Privacy Is At Stake as Surveillance Tech Monitors Workers’ Every Move
Teamsters Local 355
Privacy Is At Stake as Surveillance Tech Monitors Workers’ Every Move
Teamsters local 570
The Largest Private Sector Strike in Years Is Playing Out Supermarkets Across the Northeast
Teamsters local 570
Online Update and Change of Address Form

In order to better serve our members and to keep our member files current; please fill in the form below if you have changed your last name, address, phone or email address.  Please note you must give your old address and last four social security number inorder to process this request. Thank you!

First Name: Middle Initial   *
Last Name: *       Check here if last name has changed
Old Address: *
New Address:  *
New City, State:  * ,  *
New Postal Code:

   *  -

Last 4 SS#    *
What Company do you work for:    *

Cell Phone:   *
New E-Mail Address:  *

By providing Local 988 your cell number and email you are authorizing text and emails to be sent by Local 988.          You may stop at anytime by updating your information.

**Note: Local 988 uses an outside company to conduct our Stewards elections electronically which is sent by email or text. The Internation my also have access to provide you with information about your contract.


You can provide an alternate Phone number here.

* Required Fields

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